Throughout our wood selection ranges, we have available a variety of wood which can be used to craft your unique piece of furniture. Furthermore, we have made a number of oak tables from timber which is reclaimed and preserves the rich patina of a bygone age. Why not visit our showroom and workshop and select your very own timber?

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English Ash

English Ash

A popular paler wood which is visually interesting as it has a varied and flowery grain pattern. The English Ash tree tends to grow with a barrel of dark olive colour in the middle which, when used in the making of a table, creates an interesting contrast with the paler blonde wood.

a wood selection of english character grade oak wood

English Character Grade Oak

Providing a more traditional look, our English Character grade oak table is full of interest and variation, creating a traditional rustic look and will contain an array of beautiful grain patterns, colours and clusters of knots often referred to as ‘cat’s paws’. This grade of wood is English oak at its most natural.

A piece of Prime English Oak wood

Prime English Oak

The straightest and least knotty English oak trees are used for our Prime grade oak tables, which makes the wood ideal for contemporary or formal rooms. The finish is even in colour and free of the larger knots and defects found in our Character grades and therefore gives a less grainy look.

A Wood selection from the Elm tree


Chosen for its strength, the creamy coloured sapwood of elm is narrow and contrasts with the heart wood which ranges in colour from a pinkish brown to mauve. The grain can be quite wild, and the mixture of species results in a wide variety of colours, which when brought together can produce a stunning effect.

a wood selection of european oak

European Oak

With over 200 individual species, oak is to be found throughout continental Europe. The wood tends to be very clean and straight grained with a slightly silvery colour. The heart wood is a pale straw colour with a slight silvery tint. The grain is straight and mild making the wood relatively stable and reliable.

American Walnut

American Walnut

The sapwood of this walnut is creamy white, whereas the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, making the difference in colour quite distinct. Occasionally the heartwood has dark, even purple, streaks. American walnut is quite different to European walnut, which tends to be lighter in colour.


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