If you can’t see exactly what you want from our Tables page, then then you can build your own bespoke table to your unique specification.  We’ve crafted bespoke tables from 1 metre to 5 metres and have shipped our furniture all across the world!


You can use the 3 categories below to give us an idea of the type of wood, design and finish you would like. Once you have chosen these you can fill in some further details on the form at the bottom of this page. Once we receive the details of your bespoke table we will be in touch to confirm a few things before we get started!



The choice of wood examples below are the most common types of wood we use to create your bespoke furniture. We are able to build any furniture to your exact specification, this includes using wood that may not be listed below.

Choosing the correct wood type for your handmade table is essential in suiting your specific taste and specifications. To build your own table, you may find it helpful to learn all about the different benefits and features of our most popular wood choices…


Clicking any of the tables below will provide further information about that specific table.


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Lacquer is a clear and thin coating usually sprayed onto the wood surface. Once dry, lacquer is exceptionally durable and will protect the table from acidic and alkaline substances, water and day to day knocks!

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Wax does not provide as much protection as lacquer. Coasters and table mats are recommended! However, If you are looking to preserve the natural look of your table, then this is a great option. Wax will need to be reapplied at certain intervals to maintain protection.

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Oil provides a higher level of protection than wax. Applying oil to your table will also darken the tone of the wood giving a warm and rich look.

View our guide on TYPES OF WOOD FINISH

Once you have made your choice from the 3 categories above, you are ready to fill in the form below. 

Once we receive this we will be in touch to finalise your order within 48 hours.

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