English Ash Wood is classed as a hardwood and has played an integral part of the British landscapes for centuries. Also known as ‘Fraxinus Excelsior’, the Ash tree has distinctive features that make it very easy to identify. Ash Wood is ideal for bending and can be manipulated to be used for handmade curved furniture.

English Ash Wood Tree on white background

How To Identify Ash Wood

During the early years of an Ash Tree, the bark tends to be smooth with a pale grey colouring. 


The weight of Ash wood is considered as light in comparison to other types of wood. However, despite being lightweight, the wood from the Ash tree is considerably strong.  These 2 characteristics make Ash Wood a very popular choice for a range of applications, including tool handles, baseball bats and of course, furniture.

English Name – English, Common or European Ash
Scientific Name – Fraxinus Excelsior

Type of Wood – Hard Wood

Ash Tree Size – up to 35m (115 ft)  tall

Trunk Diameter – Up to 2 m(6 ft)

Spread – 18 – 27 metres (60 – 90 ft)

UK Location – Widespread, very common

Ash Wood Colour

During the early years of an Ash Tree, the bark tends to be smooth with a pale grey colouring. 

The colour of matured ash wood is much paler in contrast to other types. The wood is light in colour with a light, creamy brown and coarse texture .

Ash Wood Leaves

The leaves of an Ash Tree are symmetrical and arranged in 2 pairs along the stem. There are typically between 5 and 11 leaves per stem with 1 leaf growing at the very tip. Incredibly, the leaves of the Ash tree can follow the direction of the sunlight. Addirionally, the Ash tree is known to lean towards the orientation of the sun.

Ash Texture & Design

The texture of Ash Wood is fine and smooth. Due to this, ash wood is able to be used for a huge variety of purposes. In particular, ash wood responds well to being used for complicated shaping, cutting and is compatible with most, if not all, finishing processes. The grain of this wood run in a uniform and straight line.


The Ash tree is the third most popular tree in Great Britain. The tree grows best in colder climates and It can also be found in most of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Ash Tree Bark

When Ash trees have matured, the bark has a distinctive diamond shaped or zigzag pattern. When the tree is much younger, the bark is somewhat smooth to the touch.


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