English Character Grade Oak has a range of distinctive and recognisable characteristics. Each cut tells a different story and features beautiful grain patterns and clusters of knots. Furthermore, the natural beauty of this wood make it an excellent choice for truly showcasing a living space with a rustic and natural piece of oak furniture.


English Character Grade Oak tree on white background

How To Identify English Character Grade Oak Wood

The term ‘character’ refers to the natural grains and knots that are particularly prominent to the eye. This design feature is a favourite for those looking to showcase the natural characteristics that the oak tree has to offer. There are several other factors that make English Character Grade oak Wood very easy to recognise and identify. 

English Name – English or Common Elm
Scientific Name – Quercus Robur

Elm Tree Size – 23-35m (80-115 ft)  tall 

Trunk Diameter – up to 1.5 metres

Spread – 8-20 metres

Average Weight – Approx 30,000lbs (13600 Kg)

UK Location – Central and Southern England


Character grade English oak tends to exhibit warm and earthy tones. These range from a light to medium brown depending on the age of the tree. Furniture consisting of this wood will compliment any contemporary or traditional styling. Due to the varying colour, you are guaranteed a unique and one of a kind piece of handmade furniture.


The leaves of an English oak tree play a vital part in the identification process. The leaves consist of a distinctive curved lobe pattern that are usually symmetrical in shape. English oak leaves measure around 10cm long and will normally consist of 4 – 5 lobes on each side. Once the tree has passed Autumn and Winter it will begin to re-grow new leaves around April or May.

Texture & Design

The grains of the English Character Oak are coarse to the touch with a slightly pronounced texture. Branches that fall from the tree leave behind a stunning range of knots, adding to the rustic and natural feel of the wood. English Oak is very durable and can withstand most weather conditions, and is particularly favoured for the unique knot and grain designs. Each piece of timber comprises of a one off and unique design, making it a hugely popular choice for a handmade piece of furniture.


English Oak trees are commonly found across the British Isles. They grow mostly in deciduous woods and forests within the Southern and Central regions.


The bark of a mature English Oak tree is very rough and thick. The pattern consists of deep, ridged fissures that run vertically up the bark. Younger English oak trees are grey in colour and much smoother to the touch.


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