Prime English Oak is a premium grade English oak and is heavier than most other types of oak. The high density of this wood makes it a favourite for a variety of applications

Prime English Oak tree on white background

How To Identify Prime English Oak

There are several factors involved in identifying this high quality English Oak. To make it easier, we have detailed below the recommended elements that will easily identify this popular and sought after timber.

English Name – English Oak Wood
Scientific Name – Quercus Robur

Oak Tree Size – 20-40m (65-131 ft)  tall

Trunk Diameter – up to 1.5 metres

Spread – 8-20 metres

Average Weight – Approx 30,000lbs (13600 Kg)

UK Location – Central and Southern England



The colour of prime oak wood is a distinctive shade of warm and honey toned hues. As the wood matures, the richness of the honey tones can deepen and enhance the wood further.


The leaves on a prime English oak Tree can be up to 8 inches in length. Like all Oak trees, the leaves possess a symmetrical lobe structure, arranged along the branch. The leaves will be slightly glossy to the touch but smooth in texture.

Design & Texture

Prime english oak wood presents a straight grain with a rough and uneven texture. The wood is dense and heavy and can vary slightly from tree to tree. The durability of this timber can withstand most of mother nature’s elements and is a long lasting and reliable wood for a variety of purposes.


 English Oak trees are commonly found throughout the British isles. As a deciduous tree, it is mostly found in the central and Southern regions,


The bark of an oak tree is very thick with deep fissures, creating a pattern that runs vertically up the tree.


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